Weddings: they’re expensive affairs. From the catering to the invitations via a location worthy enough to be snapped by that pricey photographer you hired, things tend to get out of hand quickly. One of the most expensive aspects of any wedding is the dress, and for good reason, it’s there to drop jaws and highlight the resplendent beauty of the bride on her big day. With all that being said though, for brides on a budget, spending big on a custom made dress can cripple the rest of the day.
Some guy named William Shakespeare once said that clothes maketh the man. Aside from one notable spelling error (don’t worry, the first dictionary wasn’t published for another two years), it’s not just an incredibly salient point, but one backed up by science. Whilst the phrase could refer to anything, it’s most often used in reference to the suit, a classic piece of traditional menswear attire that has helped shape the world over the last five hundred years. The suit is still worn all o
Clothing Repair Made Easy Damaged clothes can be a real nuisance, particularly when it is an outfit that you really enjoy and appreciate. The good news is that you do not have to throw away a favourite item of clothing because of minor damage, or have to pay out a lot of money for repairs. Most examples of minor damage to clothing can be fixed at home by you for very little or even no expense at all. One example of a minor issue that can ruin clothing if not fixed is faulty zippers. Many peop
People often say that clothing is a representation of the person wearing it. Even so, most people can’t just buy clothing items straight off the rack and fit into them perfectly. That’s where a professional alteration service comes in. They can ensure that your clothes are tucked and hemmed in all the right places while also keeping you from purchasing new clothes every few weeks. Dresses, trousers, shirts, suit jackets, and virtually every other piece of clothing can be altered to your spec

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