Don’t Buy A Tailored Suit, Have One Altered

Some guy named William Shakespeare once said that clothes maketh the man. Aside from one notable spelling error (don’t worry, the first dictionary wasn’t published for another two years), it’s not just an incredibly salient point, but one backed up by science. Whilst the phrase could refer to anything, it’s most often used in reference to the suit, a classic piece of traditional menswear attire that has helped shape the world over the last five hundred years. The suit is still worn all over the world today by everyone from CEOs to teachers, but the sight of a well fitted suit is never anything less than stunning.

Getting that perfectly fitted suit, however, has usually meant going to a tailor and having one custom built for your frame. Whilst that can produce some pretty stunning results, a tailored suit will often cost you upwards of £1000, putting it firmly out of reach for most men. Saving up is one option, but there is a way to have a suit sharp enough to cut glass without blowing the bank, and that’s buying off the rack.

Stay with me here though, because off the rack suits can offer terrific value and excellent style for not much money. Because they’re created for a wide market, however, they’re often baggy or overlong, which is where suit alterations come into play. By purchasing your suit off the rack and then having it tailored to fit your body, you’ll save hundreds of pounds and walk away with a suit which not only impresses, but didn’t make you weep when you look at your bank balance.

Quite simply, it’s one of the finest ways to make your money go further during hard times and might just give you the confidence to go out and make 2015 your best year yet.

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