Save Money On Your Wedding Dress By Altering

Weddings: they’re expensive affairs. From the catering to the invitations via a location worthy enough to be snapped by that pricey photographer you hired, things tend to get out of hand quickly. One of the most expensive aspects of any wedding is the dress, and for good reason, it’s there to drop jaws and highlight the resplendent beauty of the bride on her big day. With all that being said though, for brides on a budget, spending big on a custom made dress can cripple the rest of the day. So, what’s to be done?

There are plenty of options available to the thrifty bride, including rental, but if you’ve had your heart set on owning your dress, there are few better options than wedding dress alterations. Buying from the rack can save hundreds of pounds, and whilst the dress might not fit perfectly, it’s only a few alterations away from fitting like a glove and wowing those who clap eyes on you.

There’s also the matter of second hand wedding dresses, which could land you with an astonishingly expensive dress for only a fraction of its original price. Naturally, wedding dresses are something of a one use affair, so searching a website like Gumtree for dresses yields some fantastic results. Once you’ve found that perfect wedding dress, take a trip to your local dry cleaners and have it cleaned before turning it in to your local alterations shop. Before you know it, you’ll have a dress fit to make an appearance in the wedding of your dreams.
So, with just a little searching and some light alterations, you can turn up to your big day in a wedding dress that’ll break hearts without leaving a smoking crater in your bank balance. After all, that money’s much better spent on the tenth piña colada of your honeymoon, isn’t it?

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