There’s nothing worse than constantly tripping over your trousers, or wearing the hems into frayed edges because the legs are too long. So, if you need your trousers shortened, just bring them to The Zip Yard and we’ll pin them and re-hem them to the perfect length.
Working quickly for your convenience, you won’t have to wait long before you’re wearing your new jeans or suit trousers, with fast turnaround times always guaranteed.

Our top trouser services include:
One of our most popular services is the ‘trouser turn-up’, where we simply shorten the length of your trouser legs. Our expert tailors and seamstresses can also ensure your garment keeps its original hem, so you won’t lose any distinctive stitching from the brand.

Tapering legs:
For a more fitted look, we can narrow the width of trouser legs as desired, creating a perfect fit.

Waist adjustments:
Whether you’ve lost weight or added a few pounds, or simply have trousers which have never quite fitted properly, The Zip Yard can take in waists or let them out as required.

Tailoring you can trust
When you visit The Zip Yard, you can always expect a professional and friendly service along with quality tailoring every time. Whether you need pockets replaced in your jeans, buttons stitched on, zips and rips repaired or anything else, when it comes to trouser alterations, we have it covered.

From repairing trouser seats which have worn through, to replacing belt loops and converting button flies to zips, The Zip Yard can do whatever you need.

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